Nobody likes the feeling of suspecting there’s something wrong with their vehicle without knowing exactly what the problem is. Whether you’ve noticed a slip in performance while driving your car, experienced a difference in the usability of a component, or just heard an unusual sound while reversing out of your garage, we’d be delighted to run a series of thorough diagnostic checks to single out whatever it is that’s causing the issue.

We use the latest auto diagnostics technology, which helps us to locate and amend faults with pinpoint accuracy. We’re fully equipped and fully trained to perform ECU (engine control unit) remapping services across a range of models.

At Gladstone garage in York we pride ourselves in customer satisfaction as well as offering quality services. We offer diagnostic services for our customers in York and the surrounding areas. Come to us in York and make us your number one for all your vehicle diagnostics services.

Gladstone Garage can undertake Diagnostic services that include:

Electronic Control Units (ECUs) are installed in most modern vehicles to monitor and manage various electronic systems. A fault in any of these systems creates a code that is usually stored in the associated ECU. At Gladstone Garage in York we can use our diagnostic equipment to connect to your vehicle and read any fault codes that are stored. We can use these to diagnose any faulty components and allow us to resolve the problem.

So if you have an annoying light on your dashboard or your vehicle is giving you a message bring it to Gladstone Garage in York and let us diagnose the problem. We have fully qualified, expert technicians who will be on hand to help you and your vehicle.

If you have any questions about any vehicle or car Diagnostics then please call Gladstone Garage in York on 01904 610101 or complete our contact form.


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Services We Offer In York

Gladstone Garage is a family run business that offers a range of MOT in York, car servicing in York and garage services including online tyre sales for cars and vans in York. Use our Online tyre Booking System to buy your tyres at any time, day or night, it couldn’t be easier to book your tyres with us in York!

Gladstone Garage in York offer a full range of car servicing, MOT, tyres and vehicle repair services. The technicians at Gladstone Garage in York have over 35 Years of experience and are happy to help you out whether you require welding or a simple bulb replacing. Let Gladstone Garage become your number one car garage in York.

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