What Our Clients Say

Silvia Brown

Used the garage for the past few years and would trust my car with anyone else. Excellent customer service from start to finish. I always recommend the garage to anyone wanting anything for their car.

Gracie Harriet

Some of the best customer service i have experienced in an industry where it is not usually associated, along with very knowledgeable staff who gave me clear information of what was required for car to pass MOT and then provided me the quote.

Bronwen Kite

I learned of Gladstone Garage through my close friend. The service provided by their team exceeded my expectations. Not only do they come highly recommended but I plan to book them for future service.

Bellamy Jasper

Was very Satisfied and happy with the job,very professional and accurate,They knows their job. Will be happy to use Gladstone Garage in the future time also to refers my friends they ask for them for their cars repair. Thanks Gladstone Garage.

Flora Evie

I bought my used car with Gladstone Garage inspection recommendation and I’m very happy with their services. I’m sure that I’ll use Gladstone Garage services again in the future.

Paul Denzel

The mechanic that came out to do the work, has over 28, probably 30 years of auto repair experience and I felt very confident that he was able to do the job correctly and properly, which he did. So I’m very happy with the outcome. I will highly recommend Gladstone Garage.

Duke Johnson

I would definitely recommend Gladstone Garage. I’ve actually recommended them to all of my friends. Just the convenience of the whole aspect where you can go about your life and get your work done and you don’t need to take the car anywhere or deal with your car not being available when you need it is great.

Hannah Leander

I booked Master Technician as my Car Repair Service. He came and checked my car… He gave clear details about what’s happening and the problem, which made me very happy and knowledgeable. I got to know my car very well… He was very honest. I could trust him. So my next service goes to him from Gladstone Garage.